Cake and pastry up to date reaches back to ancient times. Romans gave much importance to the using of pastry products. They never missing this kind of meals from your tables. With a variety of desserts cheese, oat flour, honey and cheese, stirring to entertain guests in their famous desserts.
The importance of the Middle Ages, the pie a little low. Instead of pastry products , buns, cookies and so on. dry foods began to gain value. Today's pastry has a past history of 150-200 years.

Pastry-making is usually flour, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, water, cocoa, chocolate, various fruit butters, fruit candy, fruit, coffee etc. In the decoration of pastries, jams of orange peel , raisins, cherries, etc.. were used , especially in today charlotte powders produced for this purpose, fruit pie fillings and jellies, pastry sauces, patisseri cream-custard cream, whipped cream and chocolate are used.

Each pastry cooking procedures will be change according to the substances used to make pastry. Absolutely necessary to give the right material when preparing and cooking a pie. If we use less or wrong amounth of materials cake flavor is reduced. Can not be the desired output. Cooking with recipes for cakes for her amounts of the material must be very careful procedures. This addition to the conditions and quality of preparation of pie dough is also very important.

Bread wheat varieties planted at Çatalhöyük has been proven in Anatolia B.C.6800 . Since prehistoric times, usually wheat, rye, oats, milling of grains such as flour as a result of a variety of dough with water before making yoğurularak mayalanıp then cooking the bread dough is obtained. Today, our most breads made from wheat flour. Various regions of the world at different times and places, many different flours and different types of bread prepared with different techniques, though, in general, and especially the built-in bread and food to see that a civilized human being.

10 thousand years ago today, great progress has been made in agriculture, field crops riding mow, harvest mill grinding, making the dough to bake until the technological field has experienced many important steps.

Modern mills ground wheat bran shells and left the white flour with a rate of 72 percent or less are obtained. If on the nature of brown flour and bran is composed of 72 percent. Brown flour is naturally more nutritious flour. Because the shell and core of the wheat, vitamins, minerals, fat and fiber intact. However, whole wheat flour, oil seed extract because it contains makes it difficult to go sour and the flour stored for a long time.