Our company was founded in 2006. Pastry and bakery has been operating in the field.There are two trademarks as SUDEM and SUDEMIXIR.

All products are produced with ISO 22000; 2005 , ISO 14001;2005 2015,Halal Certificate of Food Safety Management System are presented to our esteemed customers with approximately 350 kinds of product portfolio in Baking and Pastry Group.Thanks to these Certificates SUDEM A.Ş.can give services in Domestic and International markets.Product Portfolios are such as, Bread Improvers,Cream Chantility Powders, Cream Custard Powders,Cold Pastry Jellies,Flavored & Fruited Pastry Fillings,Pastry Additives,Milky Puddings, Cake Mixes, Bread Mixes, Sponge Cake Mixes, Pancake Mixes,Waffles,Charlotte Powders,Products of decoration and plating of bakery.