SUDEM AŞ. was founded in 2006 field of the food sector in Turkey. Since its foundation, SUDEM AŞ has been supplying products, pre-products and raw materials to industrial facilities, bakeries, the pastry sector, hotels and the catering sector for production in international quality standards.The wide product range consists of bread improvers, mixes for bread and products for pastry products and speciality baked goods.

Providing its quality to its customers at high standards, Sudem Pastry & Bakery Products embraces the companies are undertaking their supply processes and directs its partners to the success with fast, appropriate and advantageous conditionsraising our customer potential.Our company follows the developing technology with a focus on customer satisfaction and sales root of all Turkey has chosen its mission to provide reliable products in the world to him. With this aim, great importance is given to the efforts of Quality & Arge units in order to improve the product standard and product variety.

SUDEM & SUDEMIXIR branded products are produced with ISO 22000; 2005 , ISO 14001;2015,Halal Certificate of Food Safety Management System are presented to our esteemed customers with approximately 350 kinds of product portfolio in Baking and Pastry Group.

Our mission is to pursue global developments and innovations, to practice the best options, to respect the environment and human health, to be the leading firm in the sector with the principle of reliability.

Our Vision is to be the leader of our field in our trust-oriented activities by adding more added value to the pastry and bakery products supply with each passing day, and to be an role model in the sector with corporate applications and development process.

To provide Customers’re requests directly according to giving true-fair prices and services.

To improve and manage processes accompanied by different and creative ideas

To give services to our domestic and foreign customers by increasing our product portfolio diversity,

To analyze risks and take precautions if necessity and to improve quality by making knowledge for continuity.